Monday, April 11, 2011


 Love is so amazing!

 Saying grace for our most precious gift, our daughter.

The cake. It was my second time making a cake working with fondant.
See this cute fabric flowers? You can find them at 

Do you like the ballerina theme decor?Please, live your comments.
ballerina Party favors for our guests

It was a dream come true! Our princess ballerina is turning 3! That is unbelievable! I wanted to make this moment so especial that I decided to make everything on my own.  From the party favors, to the cake. I have to say that my sister in law and my husband helped me to put the decor together. I felt great. It was more than a party because everything was made with L.O.V.E


The present is a gift from God!I want to make every minute of my life worth it. There are a lot of special people,great moments and beautiful things that I want to share with you!